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Why myota?

Whilst humans are 99% genetically similar, we only share 20-30% similarity in gut microbiome.

myota was founded by gut microbiome researchers and experts in fibre fermentation. We had grown tired of good gut health being misunderstood or overlooked. And had a gutful of generic fibre supplements that don’t use science or proper medical research.

To address this, myota creates precision fibre mixes - tailored to your gut microbiome.

Where our fibres come from

We don't produce our fibres, nature does. Our fibres are derived from plants, and, in their purest form, contain no additives. We spent a great deal of time finding the best sources of fibre to include into our mixes. Our fibres are extracted from a variety of fruits, grains, and vegetables, and have been tested individually for their ability to produce SCFAs in the microbiomes of different people.